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Suvikumpu: HAVUSYDÄN JA -KRANSSI - ohje

Suvikumpu: HAVUSYDÄN JA -KRANSSI - ohje

If it ever snows! Pack snow into cake molds, then tap to slide out. Place tea candles in the middle. Gives off a welcoming, warm glow during the holidays when placed along the walkway or front steps to your home.

DIY: Packed Snow Lights Site is Swedish TUTORIAL Simply firm pack snow in baking pans/molds and put candle or battery operated candle in!

Dwellings By DeVore: Black Botanicals - printables

If you want an easy and inexpensive DIY route, you can find a pretty good selection of black botanicals at Vintage Printable. These are pictures from their site. Dwellings By DeVore: Black Botanicals