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a brown bear is standing with its head in the shape of a basket on it's back
Nick Cave — Art21
Installation art as performance, sounds, video? Can it do it all?
a painting of many black people with their eyes open
a person wearing a black outfit and holding their hands together
A celestial boudoir
a white dog standing on top of a table next to a black and white background
a painting of a woman sitting next to a black cat on a red background,
a black and white drawing of a man bending over next to a cat with glowing eyes
a black and white photo of a woman with a cat on her shoulder, kissing
Novocaine Lipstick
maria de naglowska
an old black and white photo of two people dressed as bats
No You Shut Up
a black and white photo of a person wearing a hood with eyes wide open in front of a wall
an old photo of a man in a nun costume with fake teeth and fangs on his face
an old book cover with a painting of a man and woman
Gelie Duncan – Living Witchcraft
the devil's bride movie poster, with an evil woman holding a demon on her back
Scout's Atomic Flash
an old drawing of a hand with various items on it, including a birdcage
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