Cute visual for food chains.

Make your own Food Chain Stacking Cups. Neat idea for a nature activity or Outdoor Science School program. This website has it allll. good ideas for science night

Longitude and Latitude - great video clip!

Longitude and latitude lines, as well as the equator and prime meridian are explained in this clip from "Dig Into History with California Jones: California Regions.

Photosynthesis on Vimeo

This is by far the best photosynthesis animation I've seen. A multi-purpose teaching tool. Sharing with my grade biology students!

Food Chain Activity:  Food chains demonstrate the amazing interdependence that exists within nature. From sunlight and photosynthesis to plants and animals, food chains are critical to our ever changing natural world.   Food Chain Activity teaches children about the importance of food chains and provides a model for them to create and take home. Decorate the 5 tubes which represent different links in the chain;starting with the smallest, have each member of the model chain "eaten" by the…

Use empty toilet paper and paper towel rolls in unit study of the food chain. Yet another great use for empty toilet paper and paper towel rolls!

Illustrated Map of Finland


food chain!

Food Chain Poster for Sanctuary Magazine, linking tree, frog, walrus and polar bear winter art

Luettelo Suomen maakuntien nimikkolajeista – Wikipedia

Suomi – Wikipedia (the pin via Eijaleena)