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Marjukka Saviola
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Sex On Vacation: Danes Should 'Do It For Denmark,' Viral Ad Suggests

Danish tourism company offering prizes for conceiving while on vacation

Job-Seeking Teens Face Another Tough Summer

Cash Loans For Unemployed Online: It’s a Difficult Task To Survive Being a Unemployed Person

Ethnic minority graduates’ employment prospects worsen – study. Black and Asian students fall further behind white classmates after leaving university. An analysis of graduate outcomes conducted by the Higher Education Funding Council for England found that while 69.2 per cent of students who finished their courses in 2008-09 were in so-called professional jobs three and a half years later, this had decreased to 68.9 per cent for the class of 2010-11.

Black and Asian students fall further behind white classmates after leaving university

The International Bureau of Education (IBE) is the UNESCO institute specializing in educational contents, methods and structures. Its overall mission is to contribute to the attainment of quality Education for All (EFA). The IBE builds networks to share expertise on curriculum development in all regions of the world, & aims to introduce innovative approaches in curriculum design & implementation, improve practical skills, and facilitate international dialogue on educational policies…

Great power point document 'Effective Teaching Principles: a framework for all learners'. Easy way to make our teaching effective to all students.

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Four Ethiopians in Riyadh told Human Rights Watch that the attacks began after November when authorities resumed a campaign to arrest foreign workers who they claim are violating labor laws.

Dark Girls---watched this with my own precious dark girl, my college sophomore daughter, D. It does a lovely job of discussing the subtle & overt ways that darker skinned African-Americans are discriminated against, in both the black community & the larger society. Pair it with Chris Rock's wonderfully entertaining & thought-provoking "Good Hair", for a beginning primer on one aspect of life as a woman of color. Thanks to Cherish Hamby for recommending it.

This is a documentary that unveiled colorism within the America. Colorism is also prevalent in other area of the world that is populated with people of color such as nigeria, india and even china

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