Fun Facts about Finland

Fun Facts about Finland

Vases - Alvar Aalto 1937

thedesignhoarder: “ post number twenty six - aalto vases Here is part of my iittala Aalto vase collection. The Aalto vase was originally designed.

Luettelo Suomen maakuntien nimikkolajeista – Wikipedia

Suomi – Wikipedia (the pin via Eijaleena)

Suomalaisia paikannimiä

Finnish place names (translated in comments)

Visit Porvoo is a city to fall in love with. The idyllic Old Porvoo steals your heart and the shops, cafés and restaurants treats all your senses.

Suomen lipun historia

The Finnish flag has come a long way since the first Finnish proto-flag was introduced in This picture introduces nine selected flag designs from over the years but in reality there are many.

05f25f458952fc2837d4211caaec9f78.jpg 542×960 pikseliä

05f25f458952fc2837d4211caaec9f78.jpg 542×960 pikseliä

5 erikoista nähtävyyttä Suomen luonnossa, joiden olemassaolosta et tiennyt | Vivas

Balancing Kummakivi Stone: Kummakivi means "strange rock." It's a very rare nature phenomenon in the southern Valtola Savoni, Finland. The giant monolith is balancing on another rock surrounded by forest.

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