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Most of us are not taught to avoid doing this OR are actually told TO do these things. NO BUENO! Have a healthier and smoother postpartum ❤
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Infografik: Baby richtig halten
Neat & Tidy Storage
the procedure is being performed to remove an old chair from its seat and then fixes it
How to Put a Baby Down Drowsy But Awake
This won’t work for every baby, but if you get the timing right it can work for most! I shortened this video but in reality it’ll take about 5-15 minutes to get baby to settled down credit : @kendraworth
Mom Hack
Video Cred: @ausher81818: Tiktok. #babies #cutebabies #diaperchanging
Mom Hack
Mom Hack
Tummy time
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Richtig aufstehen nach einem Kaiserschnitt
Wir zeigen dir heute, wie du das erste Mal aufstehst, wenn du einen Kaiserschnitt hattest.