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a pink and white knitted bib hanging from a hook on a white wall
Tonje Haugli's Ravelry Store - patterns
a red and white knitted purse next to two balls of yarn
Winter Joy by Sofia Moussa
Ravelry: Winter Joy by Sofia Moussa
a cross stitch pattern with an image of a dog on it's face and paws
many crocheted doily are laid out on the table
a red and white rug sitting on top of a wooden floor next to a dresser
from jacqueline: My still unfinished hex quilt ...... Watch this space!
a red and black piece of fabric on top of a white table cloth with flowers
Grandmother’s Flower Garden
Grandmother’s Flower Garden – Quilts, Quips, and other Nearsighted Adventures
a white table cloth covered in multicolored crocheted designs on it's surface
the paper flowers are being made into an art project for kids to do on their own walls
My hexagon mini "art' work journey.