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Minimal but love the back wall of this workshop.

Nice Triumph and though there isn't a whole lotta tools on display. this is a sweet bike garage setup. Would be nice if there was a wooden hydraulic work table for working on the bike.

Efficacious Cool Motorcycle Garage Ideas for Enthusiast Bike Lovers

Interior Design For Those Of You Who’d Like To Make Few Mods While The Kitty Rests Dream Motorcycle Garage 15 Garage Smart Ideas Decoration Garage For Your Home With Luxury Design

Organized to perfection! Close-up of Wall Control Red Metal Pegboard being used here in a custom pegboard cabinet. Customer Clark created a beautiful wooden hinged pegboard cabinet that can be opened and closed. A very creative, functional, and attractive use of Wall Control Metal Pegboard. Thanks for the great customer submission Clark!

Pegboard by Wall Control Red Metal Pegboard Panel x Peg board Tool Board Single Wall Control Pegboard Panel