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The 13 Best Things About Having a Dog

The One And Only Dog Trainers Bible. If canine training is something new to you, it may be that you could benefit greatly from some tips and tricks.

Bernese Mountain dog

Burnese Mountain dog - my favorite dog. I want him so badly! The face. so cute!

Bernese Mountain pup

Bernese Mountain pup my is melting! Now if only I can find this cute puppy in a pound to rescue! "I would love to rescue a Bernese Mountain puppy!

Dags are funny!

Funny pictures about Sniff Sniff. Oh, and cool pics about Sniff Sniff. Also, Sniff Sniff.

Bernese Mountain Dog puppy

23 Reasons Bernese Mountain Dogs Are The Champions Of Our Hearts. All of these reasons are spot on to our Molly!