Muita ideoita: ossi
Just ordered this. I'm sure that I'll be a much better carver with it. :-)
By Robert Strahl
Bearded hatchet for sale..
Hatchet/Hammer Combo - Refurbished and restored hatchet with leather sheath
Bushcraft Rucksack, Bergen, Backpack, Bugoutbag, Hunting, Survival, Mountaineering Gear. Another view of my Gillie'd ruck. This is the most comfortable pack I have ever worn... and I wear it a lot. - by Gillie Leather
some of the decorations i would want in my house. it gives a vintage look.
Robert Burns
The Birler tactical pack axe is light enough to cut down pack weight but burley enough to cut down on everything else in a FOB environment.
Red-neck trolling motor
Bush Craft, Bushcraft, SHTF, Survival, Backpack, M39 Swedish Rucksack has been Gillie'd by Gillie Leather. It has parts from 5 different countries added to an M39 Swedish Ruck frame and body.