sauna like Russians- get sweaty, roll around in the snow, warm up again (supposedly good for immune system and invigorates metabolism )

Finnish Sauna

In Finland saunas are a way of life. In a country of roughly 5 million people you will find million saunas.

Black Sauna for me please!!

Black sauna- My shou sugi ban bathroom will have this look! plus the mercury glass wall :)


Tumma sauna on isännän mielestä paras osa kylpyhuonetta…

Amazing sauna

Modern and Unique Transparency Sauna Combined with Chaise Longue by Tempoperdue


Small Sauna House Designs - Wingardhs Mill House is a symbol of the Swedish ritual of sauna and bathing. It’s an annex to a old farm in Vastra Karup .


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BACKGROUND With advantage of location about distance from Beijing city by car in 1 hour and resource of hot spring, Bazhou has been planed and.