Asuntomessut 2014 Jyväskylä Skammi 23, Satu Ratinen ja Markku Sonninen           Entry

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Maison Leguay by Moussafir Architectes

Urban stone house in the Bois Colombes Paris - by Moussafir Architectes Associes picture 4

CP House / Alventose Morell Arquitectes

CP House / Alventosa Morell Arquitectes

Tokyo Court House woningen rijwoningen diversiteit deck materialisatie dakvorm volumeschakeling gevel

Tokyo Court House by Hitoshi Wakamatsu Architect Associates Frontages aren’t flushed but at random to provide privacy, ventilation, and lighting.

Gallery of Villa Wallin / Erik Andersson Architects - 1


The lattice shell was hewn from silver fir sourced from a nearby forest. Eternit shingles clad the roof. Home Tours by Dwell from House For Julia Björn. Browse inspirational photos of modern homes.


Image 10 of 25 from gallery of Abode at Great Kneighton / Proctor and Matthews Architects. Courtesy of Proctor and Matthews Architects

Log home of the year 2013 by Honkatalot, Faro!

Log home of the year 2013 by Honkatalot, Faro!


Haus für Julia und Björn by Innauer-Matt Architekten - Egg, Austria.