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Ihan pian taas lasketaan liikunnallisen joulukalenterin avulla päiviä jouluun. Onko tänään pehmolelujumppaa vai mennäänkö pupuloikilla pipareita...
Weather Activities for Kids Yoga: learn about weather through simple yoga poses for kids | Kids Yoga Stories
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Big fish, little fish. Both adorable!  Could be used for greater than less than. Fun for kids to eat the bigger fish (with numbers on them , of course)
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SAVE 20% When You Buy In A Bundle Kids yoga may improve concentration, reduce anxiety, or reduce stress. Start out on the right foot with the Animal Yoga Bundle! Included in this bundle is 3 themed sets of yoga with real kids in the poses. Click on each link below to see previews of each …
Yoga is excellent way to get your kids moving and exercising. This is a fun activity for the whole family to do together.
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