St.Thomas Christmas market in Helsinki

Thomas Christmas market is the biggest Chiristmas market in Finland with more than 250 stands selling everything from Christmas onament to presents. It's opened around 10 of December to Chritmas Eve.

Helsinki, Finland

The Cathedral, Helsinki, Finland (c) Helsinki Tourism Material Bank/Niklas Sjöblom

Helsinki, Finland

Cruise the Baltic on a Love Boat Fit for a Princess

Fountain in Helsinki with the Symbol of Helsinki, the Daughter of the Baltic - Helsinki Finland Picture (c) Linda Garrison

Bird houses at  Café Regatta – Cozy Cottage by the Seaside by Conchi Garcia, RAWR Magazine

Bird house Cafe Regatta – Cozy Cottage by the Seaside by Conchi Garcia, RAWR Magazine

Cafe Regatta, Helsinki Finland

café: REGATTA, merikannontie green district (hel yeah), outdoor, am wasser, mit velo erreichbar!

Design District  - Helsinki, Finland. Our tips for things to do in Helsinki:

The design district in Helsinki is like an open air museum, you can spend hours just walking around and visiting galleries.

▶ Europe's Underground City [Watch it to Believe it] - YouTube

Underground Cities, Europe's Underground City, Helsinki's Underground infrastructure, Citie's infrastructure under ground

Early morning at the Helsinki train station in Finland.

ClockTower_II (by Redgum).love the reflection shots

Samuji Shop on Erottaja, Helsinki

Samuji Shop on Erottaja, Helsinki