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there are many bookshelves in the room with chairs on each side and one shelf full of folders
Choir folder cubbies. Allows for storage as well as easy distribution and collection of music. Additional storage underneath. Permanently fixed to wall adjacent to rehearsal space, but in back of performance/meeting set-up so audience isn't staring at it during performances.
an arrangement of musical notes with the letters and numbers arranged in order to form them
How to Read Music and Rhythm in 10 Minutes for Beginners
music notes with the names and symbols on each note, which are labeled in red
Sightreading 101: Landmark Notes
a page from the book latin phrases worth know
latin dark academia phrases
a group of people standing around a piano
Theatre Etiquette: Concerning Rehearsals
an image of a man with red hair saying not sure if principals chair changed the bowlings or just messed up
19 classical music memes that only apply to self-professed choir nerds
a living room filled with furniture and colorful walls
34 Wall painting Ideas for Living Room – Living Room Cozy -