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Green TL Stone Age Clean test.

GURUS Brivido 100w 3-channel, GURUS Brivido 100w 3-channel: You wouldn’t believe the dynamic of a “Brivido” until you'll not tried out one!

Brunetti Singleman H, 50w/15w/2w head. Sometimes in a studio or on small venues guitarists need a low power amp of great quality, that is easy to use and versatile.

Laboga Alligator AD5201SA MK II combo

Improv to "Electro Funk Jam By JTC" Jam Track Central-Micke Nilsson

AIRLINE® JUPITER REDBURST The unique hollow-body design without F-Holes combine with the Airline ARGYLE Single coil pickups to produce a unique tone reminiscent from many early electric guitars from the 50's and 60's.

Brunetti Mercury EL34 + CW 212 cab ....The tones are fluid and present, like the water around you… It’s difficult to describe the feeling playing Mercury.

Manne Taos Gloss Special - burled Poplar Top, ex showroom!

Green LP Custom, A truly luxorious guitar, here we have not spared in small details. Noteable are the double edge bindings with exclusively decorated double lines around the guitar body

Brunetti Mercury CW EL34, just awesome!