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there is a cake decorated with animals and flowers
Pistachio and Raspberry tart
raspberry lemon loaf with icing on aluminum foil
Raspberry Lemon Loaf
a croissant with icing on it next to a cup of milkshake
Lemon Brownies 🍋💛 the texture of these are insane!
Lemon Brownies 🍋💛 the texture of these are insaneeee! this the perfect spring dessert to bake, and sooo easy (heart)
White Chocolate & Raspberry Cake 🍰
the recipe for brownies is shown in this screenshote screen shot, which shows how
Heart shaped donuts 🖤 (don’t repost w/o credits)
three heart shaped sugar cookies sitting on top of a sheet of paper with pink and white frosting
The Best Valentine Sugar Cookies
a white cake in a box with black ribbon and writing on the side that says,'today is what she surprised me with '
a cake with two candles on top of it and the words nineteen spelled in red