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the world's largest solar power plant info sheet, with information on how to use it
RV and Camper Van Solar Calculator
two pictures of the outside of a house
Modern Farmhouse
Modern Farmhouse by Sharon K Fox
multiple shots of a man sitting on the edge of a swimming pool
RedDot 2018 за дизайн крышки к бассейну.
Автоматическая крышка для Спа бассейна USSPA получила приз за дизайн - RedDot 2018
a spiral staircase in an empty room with large windows and wooden flooring on both sides
an empty room with wooden shelves and stairs
Stair Shelving - Cameron MacKenzie Architectural Services
Stair Wall Shelving
a wooden table topped with lots of rocks and wood planks on top of it
River bend table, 06/17/14. cherry wood, hemlock, river stones, epoxy
a man standing next to a scaffold in front of a building
bochinohito: “【54枚】こういうGIF見ると外に出たくなくなるよな…… : あじゃじゃしたー ”
a woman standing on top of a cement bench next to a fire pit in the middle of a lush green park
Home Tour: Lara Spencer trades traditional Greenwich for California modern
Outdoor staircase made from large concrete circles. At the home of Lara Spencer and David Haffenreffer.
an old stone building with a steeple on the top and green grass in front
Ancient to Medieval (And Slightly Later) History
Queen Mary’s Bath House, Edinburgh, Scotland. ~This strange little house is located on the western boundary of the grounds of Holyrood Palace in Edinburgh, the principal residence of the Kings and Queens of Scots since the 1500's.
an entry way with stone walls and wooden flooring is seen in this image from the inside
Résidentiel & Investissement // Stone & Living - Prestige estate agency - Residential & Investment
an image of a living room taken on instagram with the caption's photo
Elsie de Wolfe interior design for a sitting room in the house Marlene Dietrich owned in Hollywood in the 1930s.
a very large fish tank in the corner of a room with some plants on it
Outstanding Classy Indoor Gardens That Will Blow Your Mind
under stairs terrarium
a wooden stair case next to a stone wall
Farm, Barn, Wood, Stone & Steel(love for rustics)
Farm, Barn, Wood, Stone & Steel(love for rustics)
the inside of a large building with lots of plants
Atrium, but would be wonderful place for full moon ceremonies during winter!