Tove's Jubilee mug

Moomin special mug 2014 "Tove jubilee". Celebrating Tove Janssons 100 th birthday. Mug nr.

Tata Muminka. Kubek. Nowosc

Arabia Moominpappa Deep Blue Mug NEW : Gifts and Accessories from Scandinavia

All Things Moomin • New Moominmamma and Moominpappa mugs! These are...

Arabia Moominmamma Mug: Moominmamma is the pillar of the family who has an answer or remedy for every possible question and complaint. The Moominmamma mug shows her with her ever present magic bag, and on the reverse, decorating a splendid cake.

Limitowana kolekcja Tove 100 z Arabii. Z jazdej sprzedanej sztuki 2€ zostanie przrkazane na Unicef.

The cute Tove Jubilee jar 2014 is a tribute to the famous author Tove Jansson who would have turned 100 years in Tove Jansson is loved all over the world for the charming characters from Moomin Valley and the Jubilee jar has a pattern from the book

Kubek Muminki - Mała Mi w czerwieni Arabia Finaland 6411801000993

Kubek Muminki - Mała Mi w czerwieni Arabia Finaland 6411801000993

Miseczka 15cm Muminki - Hatifnatowie

Hattifattener moomin bowl from Arabia by Tove Jansson, Tove Slotte

Kolekcja Muminków Adventure Limitowana

Moomin Adventure Move mug

Kubek Muminki - Włóczykij w zieleni Arabia 6411801000986

Arabia Moomin Mug: Snufkin Green - Moomin Mugs - Moomin Ceramics - Kitchen and Tableware

Kubek Muminki - Keep Water Clean Limitowana edycja  2015 6411801001006

Keep Waters Clean Moomin mug for the Håll Sverige Rent / Keep Sweden Tidy campaign by Arabia Finland.

Kubek Muminki - Dom Muminków edycja 2015

Moomin 70 years Special Edition mug by Arabia features Moominhouse. The mug holds l and every package contains a red paper roof for you to create your own M