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I'm not Finnish but Finland has thought me to be calm :-

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All presidents of Finland.

Old Finnish 'MARKKA' banknotes. Now Finnish currency is the EURO!

Finland banknotes, Finland paper money catalog and Finnish currency history

Come to Finland.  #vintage #travel #poster #finland

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Postage stamp depicting a Finnish ambulance from the year 1944.

Postage stamp depicting a Finnish ambulance from the year


Finland - The Finnish Maiden is older than the Finnish nation. She was devised to represent the longed-for national independence in the century, when Finland was still a Grand Duchy in the Russian Empire.

erik bruun:finland

Vintage travel poster for Portugal. Erik Bruun Illustration Travel poster for Finnair. From Graphis Annual Japan Travel Poster

1930's Finland For Holidays

Finland for Holidays. A vintage Finnish travel poster published by Suomen-Matkat and the Finnish State Railways. Circa Illustrated by I.



Nokipannukahvit Kuusamossa

Nokipannukahvit Kuusamossa

Härkäahonkoski Haapajärvi

Härkäahonkoski Haapajärvi