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an angel painted on the side of a building
a painting of an angel with wings and halos on it's back side
an icon with angel wings and the words xepy, elitha on it
an image of an angel with orange wings and holding a ball in his hand,
Welcome - Annunciation Orthodox Christian Church
an angel with wings holding a piece of paper
the painting shows an eagle with its wings spread
two large orange and blue wings on a white background, one with red tail feathers
���� #156 - ����������� ����������. �������� - vihrova
Gallery.ru / Фото #156 - Иконописная технология. Византия - vihrova
an icon with three men sitting at a table and one man standing next to him
a painting of a man's head with wavy hair and a cross on his forehead
Розпис кафедрального собору (купола) – 240 photos
Розпис кафедрального собору (купола) | ВКонтакте
a painting of a woman with braids and an orange dress is shown in front of a yellow background
the seven archangels are depicted in this poster
The Seven Archangels - www.AskAnAngel.org
three women sitting at a table with an angel above them
Ikona Trójcy Przenajświętszej - Karmel.pl
Ikona Trójcy Przenajświętszej - Karmel.pl