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Ronja Margareta

Ronja Margareta
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That sweater! @Roni Earnest Earnest Earnest Earnest Bagby -Haha, YES!

There are 4 tips to buy this sweater: girl beautiful hair fashion hipster colorful cute image love photography teenagers asian pattern clothes winter fall outfits colorful turquoise cream print oversized stripes style indie knitwear axtec pullover yellow.

Fishtail--these are surprisingly easy to do. Admittedly, I havent quite mastered it on my hair, but I love the style (and theres only a few weeks of long hair in my future anyway!)

Dont Be Afraid to Rock the Braid: Try a higher style. Tie your hair up in a high pony, then fish tail it all the way down. This style looks great, especially is you have long, gorgeous hair. I love how this looks with the ombre as hairstyle


I will always believe in u my dear sweet love. You are mine.asides from the sharp spears that life throws at us. We are in it together.for life.IT'S THAT SIMPLE. I love you.