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a pink birthday cake with a candle sticking out of it's top on a wooden table
Ceramic cake 🎂
two people are sitting at a table in front of some cups and paintbrushes
Pottery painting mushrooms
a red mushroom lamp sitting on top of a stack of books
credit to the respective owners #furniture #home #homedecortips #homedecordiy #interior
four different colored clay flowers and a yellow plastic pen on a pink surface with one flower shaped like a smiley face
7.43US $ 30% OFF|Candle Holders Concrete Cement | Candle Holder Silicone Cement - Concrete Candle - Aliexpress
a green and pink mirror sitting on top of a white bed covered in sheets with flowers
How to Make a Candle Holder with Clay - Social Pottery
a lit candle sitting on top of a bed next to a pink ribbon and star pillow
ceramic bow, handmade ceramics, ceramic candel holder, ceramics aesthetic, clay, pottery, clay art ceramics aesthetic, clay, pottery, clay art
there are many candles that have been placed in the shape of flower petals and one candle is turned upside down
LAGERHAUS (@lagerhaus) · Instagram 照片和视频