LOVE this idea! Am going to do it with each of my classes before the end of the year.

Year-End Activity: Career Photo Collage

Father's Day Questionnaire (Free Printable)

Father's Day Questionnaire (Free Printable) -- would make some good genealogy prompts, especially for a future genealogist.

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Twinkl Resources >> Voice Levels Wall Chart >> Thousands of printable primary teaching resources for EYFS, and beyond!

core teacher apps

Core Teacher Apps - Two Wonderful Visual Lists of Educational iPad Apps for Teachers and Students ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

Verb hunt collage. Nice for class display.

Verbs Verbs Verbs!

Word Work activities: She make a verb collage, but you could also make one with nouns, adjectives etc. Have students all bring in examples of each part of speech, then collage them to make separate classroom posters;