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a knitted sweater with braids on the bottom sits on a wooden floor next to a pair of shoes
a paper with some drawings on it
crocheted items are shown in two different pictures, one is blue and the other is white
three pictures showing how to crochet the baby's sweater
Hexagon Crochet Sweater added by Mary Kristel Lokken, Jan. 7, 2012 with pattern links...
an airplane is flying in the sky with its landing gear down and it appears to be missing
a crocheted jacket with multicolored squares on it
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a red and white knitted sweater on display in a shop window with other items
Motifli kazak
Instagramda ilmek_ilmek_motiflerim olarak bulabilirsiniz sayfamı
a crocheted table runner is shown with the words abernades on it
Alexander Mosaic Crochet Snake Pattern by Sixel Design
This snake pattern was named after our family pet, a ball python named Alexander. Pattern includes 2 charts, head first and tail first, with instructions for customizing the snake sizes. You can also use the charts to create anything from pillows to blankets, placemats, rugs, clothes and more! #mosaiccrochet #crochetpattern #snakepattern #snakecrochet #ballpython #sixeldesign
a cross stitch pattern with an orange and black design on the center, surrounded by lines
CAL Bolso Boho. Granny 5
a crocheted purse with tassels on the front and side, along with a free pattern to make it
two crocheted coasters with different designs on them
crocheted square with an image of a flower in the middle and another photo of a
Granny square * crochet kingdom
Curso de Crochê online: aprenda a criar peças estilosas e personalizadas! CLIQUE AQUI👈
(🎥by: veronica_creazioni)Que tal criar peças de crochê estilosas e personalizadas para usar no dia a dia? Neste curso, você aprenderá a fazer roupas, acessórios e calçados incríveis, utilizando materiais e técnicas diferenciadas. Surpreenda-se com o resultado final e comece a vender suas criações agora mesmo! crochê, curso de crochê, moda, roupas, acessórios, calçados.
a crocheted vest with flowers and squares on the front, made from yarn
a crocheted sweater hanging on a wooden hanger with a white wall in the background
Crochet top
Crochet Boho crop top
four crocheted coasters with different designs on them
a piece of paper cut out to look like an origami bird on a brick floor
an image of a clock in the middle of a circle with numbers and arrows around it
an article in the crochet magazine about how to use granny's yarn
crocheted doily with flowers in the middle and an image of a flower on top
the diagram shows how to make an ornament in crochet, with instructions for
a white square with pink roses on it and the words tula carr written in black
two pictures with different designs on them, one has a flower and the other is a square
a woman wearing a sweater with crocheted flowers on it
a woman is holding up a crocheted granny's sweater in front of her face
a woman wearing a multicolored crocheted jacket
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a woman wearing a colorful crocheted jacket is walking down a sidewalk with a dog in the background
a woman is wearing a colorful crocheted jacket and standing against a white wall
a woman sitting on top of a bench wearing a colorful sweater and denim jeans with flowers in the background
a woman wearing a multicolored crocheted sweater
a woman wearing a multicolored crocheted sweater and matching earrings is posing for the camera
Granny Square Sweater