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three people sitting at desks in an office with red chairs and laptops on them
NeoCon 2015 Product Preview: Office Furniture - Interior Design
two people are standing in the middle of a large room with stairs and couches
Gallery of Studio Malmö / SHL - 22
tables and chairs with flowers in vases on them at the bottom of some stairs
Antwerp co-working space designed to promote surprising walks around the office
a red fire extinguisher hanging from the side of a wall with scissors
Gallery of Nursery and Primary School in Saint-Denis / Paul Le Quernec - 24
the wall is covered with legos and toys
Photo 4 of 8 in 7 Paint Colors That Nail the Midcentury Modern Look
an aerial view of a grassy area with white steps and railings in the grass
San Martín de la Mar Square / Zigzag Arquitectura