Creme Brulee Cheesecake recipe

Crème Brûlée Cheesecake

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Seeprakakku salmiakkiraidoilla

Baking Phenomenon throughout Finland in Firstly it contains a candy taste which Finns absolutely love – salty liquorice called ’salmiakki’. Secondly, people were inspired by the technique which creates circular zebra stripes inside the filling.

Payton Say's she wants to make this!  However, Mommy doesn't see herself taking time for this.  Good luck to the P!:)  Coffee Cup Cake

Could also make a tea cup.Chocolate cake, chocolate-coffee filling, Cake In The North Wetting



Nutella-juustokakku, say whaaat?


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Lego Police Cake

Lego Police Cake, idea for friends son bday cake


Blumen-Brioche mit Nutella

Blumen-Brioche mit Nutella Self Raising Flour Plain Flour Water Sugar Milk 3 Eggs Softened Butter 2 packets of yeast Nutella to spread between layers



Helppo omenasosepiirakka- - reseptit

Maailman paras suklaakakku (a la Sikke Sumari)