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20+ Ways to Use Shelf Brackets You’ve Never Thought Of
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Carnival Game Frisbee Toss Game #Homemade #Any
bright & fun; paint inside of play house white and/or pale yellow to clean it up and brighten it up!
Diy horse jump standards! Very simple to build and use for schooling. 10 ft 4x4 cut in two. Use 2x4's for the base as long as you want them. Paint the way you want and drill holes for jump cups to your desired heights. (I used 5/8ths wooden dowels from wal mart and drilled a 5/8ths hole about 2 in. deep into standard.) Put the dowel in with wood glue and left it sticking out about 4 in. Easy and cost less than $20 to make the set!
Instructions for building a horse jump, but could easily be adapted for a dog jump.
Sponge Bullseye. Draw a bullseye and assign score for each circle of the target. The kids toss their sponge at the starting line. It's great to train your kids' throwing accuracy in this funny way in summer.
Fourth of July - DIY Yard Games - Page 3 of 4 - Dan 330
How to make skeeball.. Oh dear God.. No one is going to see me ever once I make this. Next I need to find Plinko, and then it's REALLY over.
How to Make a Cornhole Game-- so fun for parties or summer BBQs!