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Crema di caffè all'acqua
Gefüllte Riesen-Champignons
2x köstliche Aubergine
some kind of penguin made out of carrots and marshmallows on sticks
Baked Chicken
oliivi /rypäle, mozzarella-pallo ja porkkanaa
there are many different types of food in the pans on this table, including muffins and cupcakes
30 Super Fun Breakfast Ideas Worth Waking Up For
#3. Quiche Toast Cups (Looks so fun to make!) -- 30 Super Fun Breakfast Ideas Worth Waking Up For
an image of apple pies being made in muffin tins and then baked
2-Ingredient Apple Pie Cups
Yes, you can make tasty apple pie cups with just two ingredients! All you need is a can of Pillsbury™ refrigerated cinnamon rolls and some apple pie filling for an easy fall-inspired treat that serves a crowd. For a little something extra, we recommend serving with a large scoop of vanilla ice cream. Expert tip: Use a nonstick muffin pan for easiest removal. PS: Have you heard the good news? Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls now have more icing (so this recipe is extra gooey and delicious)!
a person is making apple pies on a white table with red and yellow ribbons
Voitaikina-omenaruusut | Reseptit | Kinuskikissa
1h 15m
cucumber rolls with smoked salmon and cream cheese on top are the perfect appetizer for any holiday gathering
Smoked Salmon Appetizer (VIDEO)
Smoked salmon cream cheese spread rolled up in thinly sliced cucumber. An easy yet elegant appetizer.
a white plate topped with cucumber and salmon roll ups on skewers
4 Zutaten sind alles, was du für dein nächstes Partybuffet brauchst: Gurke, Räucherlachs und Frischkäse werden aufgerollt zu leckeren Low Carb Happen.
small appetizers are arranged on a white plate with blue tablecloth and light blue cloth
Lohimousse-alkupalat - Reseptit - Keksihylly