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the front cover of capricorn magazine with an image of queen of swords and other symbols
✨🌸 The Pulp Girls 🌸✨ on Instagram
a poster with an image of a woman hugging a man's face and the words libra on it
an ad for aquarius, which is featured in the magazine
an advertisement for taurus and i am co - creating with the universe, including
an advertisement for tarrus's color palettes on the front of a poster
an advertisement for taurus's album, all the resources i need are within me
the tarot card for sagithanus has four different symbols and their meanings
an image of a poster with the words genius and other things in front of it
an image of a tarot card with cats on it and the caption's description below
the zodiac sign for leo is depicted in this astrological poster, which features images of cats and other animals