Fun handprint flower pot craft for Mothers day, with a poem to say thanks for helping me grow

Handprint Flower Pot Craft for Mothers Day


Susan, This would be a fun art project! We could have the kids make one for Mother& Day with a family photo in the hole.

Tutorial on making a diffusing watercolor masterpiece!

Diffusing Watercolor Masterpiece

Consider using black glue outline or drawing first Tutorial on making a diffusing watercolor masterpiece by Crafty Kate!

Abstract watercolor flowers by made by nicole. Great craft for the kids!

7 Cool Spring Craft Ideas for Kids!

Spring ART Abstract Watercolor: Kids Craft that's fun for adults too. Could use thin sharpie to draw flowers also. Could you use coffee filters instead of watercolor paper?

Butterflycard marmorointi+ perhonen

Butterflycard marmorointi+ perhonen