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What if I don't want to give traditional homework?

Routines and Transitions alternatives to traditional homework Even at the college level, these homework alternatives make a lot of sense in a language classroom. I am beginning to really re-think all my ideas about homework.

How do you take multiple intelligences into account in teaching?

Graphic detailing the multiple types of intelligences and what people with those intelligences do to learn. For example, I am a visual/spatial learner, so I learn best when someone draws me a picture.

The USA presidents song (the Animaniacs) - USA:n presidentit (Bill Clintoniin asti) (Animaniacs-laulu)

The Presidents (Song) from the show Animaniacs. Written by Randy Rogel. Directed by Al Zegler With the voices of: Yakko: Robert 'Rob' Paulsen Wakko: Jess Harnell Dot: Tress Macneille

Let's learn some manners! - Opetellaan kauniita tapoja

Animaniacs: Taming of the screwy Pt 1 Plotz invites some very important business people over to the lot for a dinner party and the Warners are told they can'.