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Find More at =>…. | Pinter Gemstones
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a woman sitting on a bench next to a canal
Monday Update #27 - Leonie Hanne
Watching the gondels during sunset | Venice, Italy: | #ohhcouture #leoniehanne
the table is set for two with wine and cheese on it, overlooking the ocean
That's a killer dinner spot! Hotel Caruso, #Ravello, #Italy
a poem written in white ink on a black background with the words soulmate above it
The Elysian: The Elysian Chronicles, Book I
I love you!!! The connection between us.. the draw to each other is so strong that I know we are meant to be together... soulmates!!!
two people sitting in chairs on the beach watching the sun go down and have a beautiful evening
Industrial and Commercial Waste
an image of a beach setting with candles on the sand and palm trees in the foreground
Top 10 Romantic Dinner Table Decors
small groups