Maria Östberg

Maria Östberg

Paskantärkeys ja oman egon sotkeminen kaikkeen sotkee kaiken.
Maria Östberg
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4 hand stitches you need to know - by hand london - sewing tutorial RUNNING…

Looking back over our sewing patterns so far, we've noticed that we seem to have a bit of a thing for hand stitching.

Edwardian apron-- I've been wanting one for a LONG time!

Cleaning day in a mother hubbard dress and apron -- Work Apron Cotton work apron is full, gathered in the front and back, with a back button closure and pockets. Works as a jumper, too!

Skjoldehamn Viking Hood with Ægishjálmur Embroidery via Etsy

The pattern is based on the original Skjoldehamn hood, an archaeological find at Skjoldehamn (Skjold harbour) on the Norwegian island of Andøya, dated from between 995 to 1029 CE.