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many red and white hearts are flying in the air with sparkles on top of them
mickey mouse in red and yellow on a red background with the word disney written across it
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three teddy bears sitting in the shape of a heart on a pink background with stars
the face of an animated character with big eyes and large eyebrows, drawn in cartoon style
mickey mouse logo on a red background with the word mickey mouse written in white letters
a teddy bear is sitting on top of a cloud with hearts and a rainbow in the background
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the mickey mouse character is doing different poses for each other's face and body
mickey mouse on pink background with white and yellow ears, in the middle of three different poses
many cartoon characters are grouped together on a blue background
two mickey and minnie mouses hugging each other on a yellow background with the same color
the face of winnie the pooh with blue eyes and big, yellow teeth on a yellow background
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