Marie Jalander

Marie Jalander

Marie Jalander
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How people can just abuse or abandon animals is beyond me....thank god for all the volunteer animal rescuers out there!!

BREAKS MY HEART, How can people simply pass this kitten and not stop to help? If you see an animal in need, please stop and help. It will not only change and save their lives, it will change your life and bring some light into the world.

Your pet is out there waiting, go adopt em, and don't make them wait

Save StrayDogs from Romania on GoFundMe - 165 raised by 5 people in 6 days. We need money to build a shelter for the straydosg from Romania. Please, they don´t have nothing at all.

Adopt a shelter dog.

PETITION, PLEASE SIGN AND SHARE! “Pound seizure” is the practice by which animal shelters sell or release stray, lost, or abandoned dogs and cats to laboratories or to animal dealers who sell the animals to laboratories for use in experiments.


If you must surrender you animal least you can do is use a no kill shelter or you risk your family animal being destroyed in days.