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I’l admit, I don’t really know too much about fairy houses. Yes, I have four kids, but three of them are boys. My daughter and I seemed to learn about fairy houses far too late for her to be able to get “into them” like some little girls do. And yeah, the boys didn’t reallyRead More »

Fairy (House / Home) Garden Village Bakery, Tall tall part of the Fiddlehead village collection fine detail sculpting, hand painted weather resistant finish

Door hinge plate patterns 4

A set of nine Door hinge plate patterns created in Rhinoceros CAD software. These Door hinge plate patterns come from the old public domain catalog.

Natural Materials > Lesson Plans > Education > Albright-Knox Art Gallery

Take a branch, cut it down the middle as evenly as possible, then turn into a tiny ladder. Natural Materials > Lesson Plans > Education > Albright-Knox Art Gallery - would do with yr

35 Awesome DIY Fairy Garden Ideas and Tutorials

Diy Flower Pot Miniature Fairy Garden - Everyone’s goal is to have a whimsical garden, and there are many ways to do that but the greatest way is by making a flower pot miniature fairy garden. First thing, you will have a lot of fun while making it, it’s

Random fairy / sprite / littles door inside the house. So LOVE the idea of using the side of the fireplace.