Holy crap------that's one big dog A Great Dane's brain is about 72 grams, or just over two ounces US.

Make a spy decoder - this decoder has 27 different codes in one! Perfect for sending encrypted messages to friends!

Code Activity for Kids: Make a Spy Decoder

I spy with my little eye.a curious detective! Learn how to make this spy decoder and your little Sherlock will have fun breaking codes and encrypting messages in no time! (via Frugal Fun for Boys)

7 fun & fresh activities to help students get to know each other. Gr. 3-5 ($)

Back to School Activities "Get To Know You" First Week of School

Begin the year with some fun and fresh back to school activities to help your students get to know each other during the first weeks of school! These seven back-to-school activities, geared toward students in grades 3 through are engaging and interactive!

Minecraft Story Starters

Minecraft Story Starters

The Multi Taskin' Mom has a free set of Minecraft Story Starters for your young Minecraft fans! This set of story starters includes over 20 writing prompts and also includes a blank page if needed.

Nk vai ng? Tehtäviä.

Nk vai ng? Tehtäviä.

P vai pp? Kaksoiskonsonanttiharjoituksia.

P vai pp?