Arabia - Tableware - KoKo

KoKo by Arabia missing the new colors pale pink & mint in my collection


ume-play collection

10" Cherry Wood Bowl, White and Black Crossed

Cherry bowl with black and white cross dipped pattern. The colored portion is a food safe, soft rubber which makes them durable and slip resistant!

Drinking set no.267 -

Alpha Glass, J. "Muslin" colored glass inspired by the Medieval copper goblet shown in the Museum für Angewandte Kunst in Vienna.


For Urushi Kobo Oshima, Nendo designed a new lacquerware “lump collection”, that heighten users’ awareness of the particular qualities of the wood in their hands.

J. & L. Lobmeyr

Leonid Rath, 1800 the publisher Artaria edited a series of Wiener Veduten showing famous Viennese places or sights.

Drinking set no.232

One of my sister's favourite glasses was one that had a goldfish on with the slogan "Drunk as a fish". (It was much nicer than I describe here!) This is the closest I've come to it.

Bouteille en porcelaine vert d'eau mat et vernis vert foncéTaille

Bouteille#1 - Bottle#1