Eero Aarnio designed this iconic chair 1963-1965.

Love at first sight: man's best friend times 3 plus a beautiful Eero Aarnio Ball Chair. These dogs are having the time of their life in this beautiful modern house.

Alvar Aalto vase

Savoy Vase Alvar Aalto (Finnish designer, Finland 1936 (creation) Looks so cool with these planted bulbs

We are really excited about these new Moomin Lights by Feelis Helsinki. Not only are these the first of their kind, but the lights are designed in cooperation with renowned designer Harri Koskinen and produced with the highest standards in mind. You will not find a better, cuter or more high-quality Moomin lamp anywhere! There are three characters featured, Moomintroll, Snorkmaiden and a Hattifattener, and they are made in three different heights - 30, 50 and 105 cm.

Luminaire design en tant qu’inspiration de déco artistique

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