It's Written on the Wall: 23 Fun Halloween Games, Treats and Ideas for your Halloween Party

Another fun carnival game to add to the neighborhood party or parade! Try your luck tossing the ring on the witch's hat . this or the orange cones decorated like a witch's hat for ring toss - cute!

{Halloween Word Search} It’ll be “a scream” for kids to find all the Halloween words hidden in this steaming pot of witch’s brew.

Need a super-quick activity for some Halloween “fun on the run”? Try these Print-n-Go Halloween activity pages to practice some SPOOKY spelling skills or have some FUN in the pumpkin patch.

Planning a Halloween Party or playdate for the kids this year? Time to crank the fun with these 17 Halloween Party Games for Kids.

17 Halloween Party Games for Kids.

Are you planning a Halloween party for the kids this year? Looking for ideas on different party games they can play. Check out the 17 Halloween Party Gams for Kids for some great ideas! is a great Halloween party game!

Paint a ghost onto posterboard, and cut out a construction paper "Boo!" for each child. Place rolled tape on the back of each Boo, and have the children take turns trying to pin (or tape) the Boo onto the ghost. The child whose turn it is is blindfolded. For extra fun, instead of a blindfold, use a large witch hat to cover the child's eyes.

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