iDad craft for Father's Day!! Will make this the last week of school!

iDad craft for Father's Day! Check available dates for your next event at Balcones Country Club ext 231

you are my fave: painted newspaper hearts

Painted newspaper hearts are one of the coolest, simplest crafts—ever! Cover your table with newspaper (words are better than photos). Get out the washable watercolor paints and brushes. Then set your kids to work painting away on the newspaper.

iDad Father's Day Card tutorial

iDad Father's Day card tutorial

Tired of store-bought cards? Take a few minutes and make this homemade iDad Father& Day card for the special guy in your life instead.

Happy Father's Day Card  Owl Dad with Tie

Could do this, paper owl, inside we could put the clay owl. Underneath, I am sure we have a happy birthday stamp.