In love--I would not mind a cabinet like this or even a step back cupboard for storage off my dining room.

marimekko Focus Tray with Rasymatoo mugs and bowls, cool.

marimekko Focus Tray with Rasymatto mugs and bowls, cool.

Facbric for the floor pillows by Boboo, Design: Katsuji Wakisaka for Marimekko

Boboo, Design: Katsuji Wakisaka for Marimekko-Mom quilted around each vehicle and made a comforter for my sons 25 years ago.

String System designed by Nils Strinning.

String System is a shelf system designed by the Swedish architect Nils Strinning. String System is composed by different elements that can be combined and allow you to create the perfect shelf system to match your demands.

Marimekko Räsymatto (Rag rug) Pattern

Räsymatto fabric Inspired by the same urban cottage garden theme as Siirtolapuutarha, graphic Räsymatto is another Maija Louekari design. It's a stylised rag rug there on the cottage floor, waiting for the gardeners to come home. In heavyweight cotton.