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there are three different knitted patterns on this page
Букет голубых фиалок
Необычный узор для вязания спицами / Вязание спицами / Вязание спицами для начинающих
the instructions to knit a scarf with yarn and knitting needles, including two rows of green yarn
Russian site but clearly show technique vv
an intricate crochet pattern is shown in black and white, as well as the background
Daisies 2
Daisies 2 - Knittingfool Stitch Detail
an orange knitted tie sitting on top of a white wooden floor next to leaves
EowynMacGeek's Oak Leaf and Acorn scarf
Ravelry: Oak Leaf and Acorn Scarf (green bamboo)
a crochet pattern for a scarf with leaves on the front and side, in purple
Красивый ажурный узор спицами. Схема вязания
Красивый ажурный узор спицами. Схема вязания
a close up view of a black crochet shawl
Sophie Carr
the text zig zag puff stitch is written in pink
Zig Zag Puff Stitch – in rows – Free crochet pattern
Zig Zag Puff Stitch Pattern and tutorials for Left and Right Handed
an image of a crochet pattern on the left and right side of a cross stitch
Узор 757 | каталог вязаных спицами узоров
an image of a crocheted lace pattern
Ажурный узор спицами Павлиний хвост | Ажурные Узоры
Peacock Tail Design free knitting graph patterns Rozne wzory
a purple knitted blanket with an arrow pattern
Узоры для вязания спицами
knitting stitch
a close up of a knitted piece of cloth
KnitterlyAnne's Musings
interesting stitch pattern
an image of a knitted blanket that looks like it is made out of yarn
Embroidery pattern repeat is only 8 rows, and is super easy to memorize. You can make it bigger (or smaller) by adding stitches in any multiple of 8.
someone is knitting the stitchs on their sweater
Purl Soho | Beautiful Yarn For Beautiful Knitting
Beautiful stitch pattern. Plus a free scarf pattern.
a green knitted blanket with leaves on it
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