Bergen, Norway. I want to go there again.

Color Your Fall

Bergen, Norway has nearby fjords and glaciers, yet it is filled with history and culture. What a beautiful, sleepy, fishing town!

Egyptian Mummy Cases from Painted Paper

Egyptian Mummy Cases from Painted Paper.this pin board Egypt lesson by Amy Janickj is really good

ancient egyptian goddesses

Ancient Egyptian goddesses~Bast is the goddess of joy! I knew it! She definitely fills our lives with joy.

Suomen presidentit

Presidents of Finland - Suomen presidentit

bookmarks series 2 by DawnstarW on deviantART  inspiration for sumi-e art lesson

Were origonally watercolour paper and watercolour paint with pen and ink trees. But could use as inspiration for an art lesson - tissue paper? -- Could use as a bookmark

6. luokka piirustus  Heraldiikka (taustaa).

6. luokka piirustus Heraldiikka (taustaa).