I love this! Every child paints a paper plate. Put them together and you have a Christmas tree!

For the Children: Christmas, Preschool Style. What an awesome holiday classroom! Love all the additions to the housekeeping corner. Or use cupcake holders so one child can make entire tree

Surreal Hot Air Balloon Collages II

Surreal Hot Air Balloon Collages II (MaryMaking)

I don& get the chance to travel much. But that doesn& mean I don& love seeing, hearing and reading about exotic locales. Anthony Bourdaine, The Travel Channel, The Amazing Race, and travel memoir b

bird mosaic - notice the tiles are on top of black paper!  this is KEY.

Animal mosaics arranged on black paper. GREAT lesson for grade when focusing on SHAPE. Can also make it more difficult by adding more detail/using bigger paper.

Happy father's day card printable https://www.etsy.com/people/mrscsglutenfree?ref=hdr_user_menu

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"math" for kids - make a tangram  with fabric for kids and use a small "design board" to "paste" it on

Teach Your Kids About Shapes With These Tangrams Worksheets

Teach Your Kids About Shapes With These Tangrams Worksheets: Tangram Pattern in PDF (Tangram Worksheet next)