Marja Zilcher
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Actor Christian Wilhelm Opitz, by Anton Graff, 1790-1791 | Kansallisgalleria |
Viking Bag Hedeby Haithabu Handbag of Leather with Carved Burned Oak Top Renaissance Faire
Close-up of Hedeby-inspired serk by Ciar, showing side gores and sleeve piecing. She says the pattern was based on diagrams from Inga Hägg’s Die Textilfunde aus dem Hafen von Haithabu
Seam treatments on the Viborg shirt
Viking - back of apron. Hedeby style as used by Svartland. I like the back-straps being closer together.
Hedeby leather stitches
6-stringed braid inspired by a Hedeby find (tutorial)
Hedeby textile stitches
Plait from the Hedeby apron dress fragment
NativeTech: Instructions for Finger Weaving Belts