Hyökkäys/ The attack - Eetu Isto In the famous painting HyÖKKÄyS by EEtU IsTO, the Finnish maiden is being attacked by the Russian eagle, which is tearing away the law book.

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This painting is also very essential to Finnish collective memory. Amazing Albert Edelfelt, Women Outside the Church at Ruokolahti / Ruokolahden Eukkoja Kirkonmäellä Finnish artist

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Magnus von Wright - Annankatu on a Cold Winter Morning

Posts about Kalevala on Mallan Maailma

Albert Edelfelt - Conveying the Child's Coffin ; A Child's Funeral, oil on canvas, 204 × 120 cm × in)

Magnus Enckell arrived in Paris in the spring of He studied at the Académie Julian and was caught up in the fashionable trend of the time, Symbolism.

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In June Fanny Churberg travelled to Paris to see the World Fair. Moonlight is dated 19 June, which means it was painted in Paris, although the .

silenceformysoul: “Hugo Simberg - The Wounded Angel, ”

Beyond the Canvas — Akseli Gallen-Kallela, Kullervo’s Curse,