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Grow long hair for summer.
¡Una forma sencilla para regar de forma más eficaz nuestro jardín! #pinterest #sustentable
Park@Sol prefab residential solar carport  solarelectricsupp...
Do It Yourself. Solar Water Heater.
IBC Hot Tub - one inventive Edge Transport driver converts an old IBC (Individual Bulk Container) into a personal hot tub!
This looks sooo good I have to prepare a fruit platter JUST LIKE THIS at least once this summer! #freshfruit #healthy it’s all in the presentation!!
These crispy potatoes are like epic curly fries.
Who doesn’t want a tight and toned core, and perhaps abs that pop? In addition to looking great, a strong core really cuts down on back soreness and aches and pains, so core training isn’t just vanity, it’s healthy! Here are some of our favorite core-strengthening exercises to get you baring your belly and standing straighter …
Make your own sprinkler for this summer. Use duck tape to attach to hose and just stab holes into a 2 liter bottle. {makes so much more sense than those cheap sprinklers that break after a week's use!}
giant bubbles