Paint The Stars Van Gogh Art Print by thewheatfield on Etsy

bestof-etsy: “Inspirational Illustrations Pay Homage to the Beauty of Nature by Katie Daisy Oregon-based illustrator Katie Daisy admits to being raised by “birds and warm breezes” in a small town,.

Find your fitness motivation

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mine is and loves country living! No busy city life for us.been there done that and now we are true country highlanders living in the rolling hills of south central Manitoba.

I soo agree! It takes effort and resources but it is so worth it to make memories and nurture relationships.

Collect moments not things quote - Paris photography, Eiffel Tower umbrellas in the rain, via the Urban Slant

Luke Bryan! Oh so True!! ❤❤

Especially Luke! He is why I love country music and boys!

Anyone man can tell you you're beautiful.....

A million men can tell a woman she is beautiful, but the only time she’ll listen is when it’s said by the man she loves.

Life is unpredictable. Something good can happen at any time.

Ketkä on messissä tässä? ‍♂️ #irtipäästäminen #uudenavautuminen #aikomus #suunta #kohtiuutta

Ketkä on messissä tässä? ‍♂️ #irtipäästäminen #uudenavautuminen #aikomus #suunta #kohtiuutta